15 mm Vilene Straight Thread Support - Per 10cm


Price displayed for 10 cm

Price per meter: 1€.

To sew Luzyou will need 2m of straight thread support. For this you need 20 units. Type "20" in the quantity selector.

To sew Penelope you will need 1m of straight thread support, so you will need 10 units. Type "10" in the quantity selector. 

This straight iron-on thread support is used to fix and reinforce seams such as armholes, shoulders, necklines and buttonholes. It protects against deformation and fraying.

The fixing time is 8 seconds. Do not exceed this time to avoid burning. 

- Width: 20 mm
- Composition: 70% Polyamide / 30% Polyester
- Weight: 43 g/m2
- Color: White

Machine washable at 40°C

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