A small guide to tailor-made sewing by Maison Fauve : How to adapt the patterns to your morphology ?


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Sewing means taking the time to think about your project, to choose your pattern, your fabrics and the little finishing details with love. But it also means wanting to have a wardrobe that is truly made BY and FOR you.

Sewing patterns, like commercial garments, are constrained by "standards" in their development. And even though all Maison Fauve models are graded by an experienced pattern maker (in both small and large sizes) and all our models are tested before being marketed, each woman is unique in her proportions.

Many of you are wondering about the choice of sizes according to the chart when you don't fit into the same gradation in chest and hips, about how to adapt a pattern when you are taller/shorter than the indicated stature, about the modifications concerning the chest size...

I want sewing with Maison Fauve to be fun, and I want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your garment once it is sewn. That's why I worked with a professional to create this guide.

Richly illustrated, and classified by theme, it will provide you with answers to most of the situations you encounter when you want to perfectly adjust your pattern.

I wish you wonderful sewing moments, and please... make a canvas!

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