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Here is an accessory that will allow you to recycle your scraps of beautiful fabrics, the beautiful Nomad belt by Maison Fauve. Inspired by the wide fabric belts worn by gauchos, Argentinean horsemen, but also by Peruvian or Vietnamese mountain people, this piece highlights in each of these cultures the textile know-how, and in particular the embroidery, and an attachment to the dress, to the outfit which is a strong identity marker.

The Boss Nomad grade 34 to 56.

PDF pattern and tutorial available in L'Oeil Fauve number 3 - summer 2021

Sewing level: beginner



The pattern size is from 34 to 56.
Size 1: 34-40 waist between 60-75 cm
Size 2: 42-48 waist between 76-95 cm
Size 3: 50-56 waist between 96-116 cm

Iron-on and jacquard: 45 cm or twice 22.5 high by 47 cm wide for size 1, 52 cm wide for size 2, and 62 cm wide for size 3.
Cotton type fabric in 140 cm width: 22 cm for size 1 and 34 cm for size 2 and 45 for size 3.

To tie your Nomad belt, check out our Pinterest guide or our Featured Story "Nomad Belt " found on the Instragram account of @maisonfauve

Find the NOMADE sewing tutorial in L'Oeil Fauve number 3 - summer 2021

The PDF brochure to download and print at home available in A4 and US letter.

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