Femme Fauve Sewing Labels - Set of 6 labels


The final touch to your hand-sewn outfit, a claw that binds us, but that belongs only to you...

Our Femme Fauve labels are ideal for all your outfits. Sewn on a facing, in the hollow of a belt, on the lapel of a jacket, their cream colour is very elegant.

The Fauve woman is you: a curious and daring dressmaker!

Label made in France, 100% cream cotton, crease-free, resistant and washable, bronze-coloured four-colour print "Femme Fauve". They are 16 mm high for a total length of 9.2 cm (7 to 8 cm once sewn, depending on the length of the seam allowance required). 

Thanks to hot cutting, the ends do not fray.

Sold in packs of 6.

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