At Maison Fauve, we like things well done. So to help you get the job done, here's a video library of short tutorials covering the main technical points you'll come across when sewing your sewing pattern garments. 

You will also find all our little tips to simplify your task in two sections.

Video tutorial of the technical points

Rivet setting with Prym Vario pliers

Making gathers Connecting a fabric with checks Sewing a jacket without lining
Transferring a pattern to the fabric Sewing pliers Surfing or throwing? 
 Putting an invisible zip on the side of a garment Sew a hem  Sewing a blind hem with a sewing machine
Sewing stitch with a sewing machine Putting on a fly Making a patch pocket
Apply a neck bias bias Making a piped pocket with flap
Sewing a spaghetti strap or strap Unbreakable collar tips Sew a fake piped pocket


Adaptation of the pattern

The sewing pattern couture line meets certain standards, regardless of the number of sizes on offer and the measurements shown in the chart. Every body is unique, and the beauty of sewing is to break away from standards to achieve a result that's just like you. Hence the need to always sew a canvas, as a rough draft of the garment, to check how it fits and what alterations to make.

 Adapting a pattern in its height How to shorten or lengthen a top pattern
 How to shorten or lengthen a stocking pattern How to adjust the height of a two-part pattern (dress or jumpsuit)
 How to lengthen or shorten an armhole height How to lengthen or shorten a sleeve length
 How to adapt a sleeve to your arm size How to adapt a pattern to the size
 The basics of a chest transformation The classic chest clip
 The chest clip on a princess cut Modification of the pattern of Zenith and the clamps on the shelf
 Adjusting a pair of trousers at the level of the buttocks Adjusting pants for round bellies
 Fork adjustment How to navigate between sizes in a pattern
 How to enlarge a pattern in a non-existent size How to move a shoulder seam
How to change the position of a breast clip (jacket, dress, blouse)

Our sewing patterns for beginners

Discover our selection of sewing pattern sewing tops/blouses, skirts, dresses or shorts for those just starting out in garment sewing.