Your new appointment: the sewing podcast by Maison Fauve. To have a real exchange with you on the creative background of the collections Maison Fauve and to get out of the purely didactic aspect of the tutorials. In these videos, we reveal the inspirations of the collections, the making-of of the shootings, the details of the models, the fabrics and all the highlights.

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Episode 12 - Archi Crush

Each shoot is an opportunity to tell you about a collection, to put images on what drives me in my creative process. It's teamwork, and above all, it's an exercise I have to repeat for each collection, each new shoot. So, in this new episode of the couture podcast, I'm going to take a break from the presentations I usually give you, and open the doors to behind-the-scenes shootings: the highlights, the failures, the surprises, and above all, that you must never let go.

Episode 11 - The White Sun capsule

Join me for a new podcast episode on our Youtube channel Maison Fauve and discover the world of the Soleil Blanc capsule. I show you in detail our new jacquard fabrics, printed viscose poplins and new buttons. I also answer your questions about fabrics, which sewing pattern to sew with our jacquards and talk about inspirations around the range of colors and patterns.

Episode 10 - La Box Couture Transat

In this new episode I tell you all about our new TRANSAT sewing box, but I also go into more detail about my inspirations, all the lovely details of the pattern and ways to wear the Transat dress, the fabrics, and the buttons to match our new Léo viscose jacquards. I also answer the questions you asked me on Instagram about the pattern and fabrics.

Episode 9 - My inspirations for La Piscine

Emilie tells you in this new podcast episode about the inspirations and color ranges of the new La Piscine collection. She also takes a closer look at sewing pattern couture and the fabrics that make up this new summer wardrobe.

Episode 8 - Coats, jackets, blousons and look ideas

Here's a review of sewing pattern couture to warm up your winter wardrobe. In this new episode, we take you on a tour of sewing pattern jackets and coats Maison Fauve, worn and detailed.

Episode 7 - The Metropolis Box

Episode about the inspirations of our new model METROPOLIS, the detail of cut, the choice of materials and haberdashery which constitute this pretty sewing box.




The 2 tutorials

Episode 6 - Empire State Of Fauve fabrics

Launching a complete range of fabrics and haberdashery? Maison Fauve has risen to the challenge! Emilie tells you all about the fabrics, colors and prints available on the site, and which sewing pattern they go perfectly with!


Episode 5 - The Empire State Of Fauve podcast

The inspirations behind the Empire State Of Fauve collection: from the discovery of the universe to the choice of the place and the story behind each model.

The shooting

  • Place : Pierresvives, Montpellier
  • Photographer : Charlène Pelut
  • Make-up artist : Teva Quesada
  • Hairdresser : Nicolas Astruc
  • Accessories : Zeta
  • Christelle says Christensen

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Episode 4 - Behind the scenes of L'Œil Fauve magazine

Fashion, sewing, fabrics, art, photography, makeup, jewelry, perfumes... The behind-the-scenes of the conception of L'Œil Fauve are in the new sewing podcast by Maison Fauve !

New issue of L'Œil Fauve

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Episode 3 - A selection of sewing pattern quick-to-sew summer garments (in max. 2 meters of fabric)

For this episode, a review of the perfect tops to sew for summer. These are all the sewing pattern Maison Fauve tops you can make in an afternoon with a coupon of less than 2 meters of fabric.

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Episode 2 - LUZ, behind the scenes

For this second episode, we reveal you how the pattern of the beautiful dress/combishort Luz was imagined: the inspirations, the pattern making, the fabric associations and the backstage of the photo shoot. 

The boss

Episode 1 - My inspirations for La Movida Fauvista

In this first episode of our sewing podcast Maison Fauve, we tell you all about the inspirations behind the scenes of the new collection. La Movida Fauvista. Discover the creative behind-the-scenes of the collection's universe, behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot, the presentation of the season's sewing pattern and fabrics and their details.

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