Video sewing tutorials are here to help you with pattern assembly Maison Fauve. Sew your favorite sewing patterns without fear and progress as you go!

The Grain Bain shorts

Springboard Pants

The Salto top

The Haut Vol dress

The Free Swim Jacket

The Tribeca dress

The Songe short

The Tribeca blouse

The trouser suit Luz

The Metropolis jacket

The Skyline shirt

The Manhattan jacket

The Brooklyn Pants

The Soho dress / blouse

The Chelsea blouse

The Mia dress/blouse summer version

The dress Niki skater version

The top Nana

sewing tutorial for beginners

Penelope blouse

The LUZ dress / combishort


Marisa's top


The Paola dress

 The Penelope dress

The jumpsuit Kika

 The Jacket Pilar

The dress Tilda : lengthen the bust and the sleeves

The passes of Tilda

The blouse Tilda

The blouse Faye

The Mia dress / blouse

The jumpsuitFaye

The coat Pam

The skirt Kim

The Lauren blousevideo tutorial Lauren blouse
The top Sierra closed back
The Ludmilla sleeveless top

The Nomadic Belt

free sewing pattern tutorial belt woman 

The top Byzance closed back

The top and the blouse Panama

The dress Leaf

The top Palma / Miss Palma
The jacket Ispahan
The pants / shorts Belem
The shirt dress Atlas
The dress Byzance
The shirt for men Sparrow
The dress Jasmin

The Tamara blouse
The blouse Violette

The dress Soniatuto pattern sewing pattern long evening dress sonia maison fauve
The jacket Criollo

tuto sewing criollo jacket

The pants Loulou

The top Ludmilla round neckline

 The Granite Sweat

The coat Ray
The mesh dress Ludmilla
The coat Tsar
The pants Hussard
The Maïa blouse
The jacket Sable
The best Eclipse
Overalls Sailor
The Blush Dress / Camisole
The blouse Niki
The Highland skirt
The Santa Fé top
Pippa shorts
The dress Zenith
The blouse Zenith
The combishort Eclipse
The jacket Sunset
The blouse Dahlia
The best Sirocco

The Derek cap