In the beginning was curiosity...

At Maison Fauve, we like to open our eyes wide to find the details, the little things that aren't there. A photograph that moves us, the daring print of a haute couture dress, an object with singular lines, a sound that catches us, an exhibition that takes us on board, a beautiful book... The magic of feeling the work and the universe of artists resonate within us.


Our values

Sewing pleasure...

Making beautiful fashion patterns with attention to detail and fit is our mission. But to make the time you spend with us a real pleasure, we want to accompany you beyond the sewing pattern. Maison Fauve offers photo and video step by step so that you don't feel stuck by technicalities anymore, and dare to take the plunge. To go further in the sewing experience, the tutorial section also offers you mini projects to hack your patterns Maison Fauve and to further develop the model proposal.

Loving the beautiful

The precision of a pleated work, the roundness of a shoulder line, the audacity of a cut, we do not consider the garment as a product, but as a creation that we have taken the time to think about and develop. The sewing pattern plays the role of relay between my inspirations and your creative desires: every detail, every button, every fabric, everything that will make your work a unique creation to be loved for a long time, with the pride of having sewn it.

To be unique is to be oneself

Sewing one's wardrobe is making a choice, the choice to consume differently. The moments you devote to choosing your sewing pattern, your precious fabric and to making your clothes give them all their value. Take the time to fit it perfectly, take care of every detail, be attentive to the finishing touches... You will have a unique piece, because you are unique! The pride of wearing your own couture piece is unparalleled.

Home Inspiration

The woman rider, the Argentinean pampas, the fabulous sun and its thousand rays, the radicalism of the daring artists of the Russian avant-garde, the aesthetics of the 19th century through the eyes of a writer who describes the mores of her milieu... Each season we work on creative universes that will be the DNA of the collection, and I want to take you with me. With L'Oeil Fauve we will plunge together into everything that has inspired the universe of the collections.

Our history

At the beginning,
there's the drawing...

The story of Maison Fauve is a bit like starting at the end to go back in time and see the signs that went unnoticed. I was a young girl whose childhood passions were drawing and horses (and drawing thousands of horses). I also liked to leaf through the famous La Redoute catalogue when it arrived at my grandmother's house and I imagined outfits by combining clothes, scribbling little silhouettes.

Fashion as a side-track

And then I grew up. Studying art and drawing, which I was so passionate about, was not an option with the education I had received. So I turned to medicine and passed the entrance exam to become a dental surgeon. It was a revelation when I entered the faculty: I met girls who loved fashion, clothes, and fashionable brands. I watched their style, which was sharper and more worked out than mine, and I loved it. From now on, I was inspired by Vogue's "Special Fashion" and Elle. I combined them endlessly to scribble my silhouettes. As my studies ended, I could now work in a profession that would give me what I had worked so hard for since high school: security and stability.

Sewing as a passion

It was at the birth of my second child that I finally got some time for myself, that I started drawing again. What was really decisive was this meeting with a seamstress offering a tailor-made clothing service based on inspirations and drawings. That's how I discovered the world of couture. I immersed myself to my heart's content in the couturosphere on the Internet. Nothing could stop me anymore, I was drawing silhouettes from magazines, a dream wardrobe, then my first patterns, and from my blog "Dessine-moi un patron", during the summer of 2015, with the crazy bet of proposing my own collections.

Entrepreneurship as (r)evolution

It was still just a passion that I was living out alongside my work. From the start of the new school year in 2015, I wanted to give it a new face, to make it something more like me. I wanted to give this project a chance to exist even if it meant leaving behind my previous job, which in any case no longer suited me.

My research on patterns is turned towards a search for detail work, for the strong piece, for the desire for the garment to be the support of a singular look. I thought about what would be in line with this more assertive identity.

Maison Fauve... " Les Fauves", those 19th century artists who wanted to infuse colour and spontaneity, reinventing the world with fantasy and audacity. Fauvism also, a play of warm shades of colour, earth and fire. The name of my brand was an obvious choice, it will be Maison Fauve.

That's how far we've come,

 I owe it to you too, you who follow me on this adventure, you who encourage me, you who inspire me. This Maison Fauve is also yours: your view on my work, and what happens to my patterns when they go under your machines, with your fabrics... The palette changes, evolves, metamorphoses! This curiosity, creativity, taste for beautiful clothes are part of the values of Maison Fauve.

And Maison Fauve is now a score that is played by 4 hands. Julie who accompanied me during my transition to entrepreneurship has become my partner. Her confidence and involvement are a real strength for the growth of Maison Fauve.

Know how to read signs

And I remember the young girl who surprised her grandmother when she told her she was going to medical school: "Oh really, dam? Girl, I thought you would draw clothes"... This sentence didn't make sense to me at the time because my attraction to fashion was limited to my doodles according to her catalogues. My grandmother hadn't lingered.

She is no longer there, but I like to think that she would congratulate me with a little satisfied smile with the look of the one who saw it coming if I said "Grandma, I'm a fashion pattern designer and I'm living my dream"!

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The blog

Discover our inspirations through articles on inspiring themes and the world of Maison Fauve for each collection.