Are you looking for a gift idea to please a seamstress? Season after season, the wardrobe Maison Fauve is growing! So to make it clearer and to go to the essential, here is the selection that will save you to make the perfect Christmas gifts.

Give her some fabric to make a nice garment

Dress, shirt, coat, skirt...? You still don't know which fabric to choose and how much to match with which type of clothing. Here are our tips for preparing the perfect gift.

Which material to choose?

Jacquard, tencel, viscose, denim... choose among the fabrics Maison Fauve :

Look carefully at the colors, the materials, the patterns that the person is used to wear and it's up to you!

At Maison Fauve, fabrics and dyes meet the standards of the OEKO-TEX® Standard. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. More information on the product sheets.

How to choose a yardage?

In this section we help you to estimate the amount of fabric needed to make different types of garments. These are indications, it is possible that some models require more or less fabric.

Offer sewing pattern pouches for her collection

A real precious object, the paper pattern can be kept for life! It allows the person who owns it to sew and re-sew the model endlessly and in different materials. What to develop its creativity. Each season, a new universe accompanies the design of our pouches.

The paper pattern website includes a plan of the model in the sizes available and all the explanations needed to make it. Video tutorials, freely available on YouTube, accompany sewing pattern Maison Fauve .

When not in use, the paper pattern can be placed on a shelf and becomes a nice decorative object!

Please note that the paper pattern does not include fabric and haberdashery to be offered separately.

How to choose the right pattern?

Offer her a pattern that matches her style and the clothes she is used to wearing.

Need help making your choice? Contact our customer service by emailand we will help you make the right choice.

For small budgets

Give her a sewing accessory

A pair of high quality Japanese steel scissors is a must-have for the discerning seamstress. When they are also elegant, you get the perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree.

Rascol Black Edition Tailor Scissors
Bohin Magnetic pin holder

From the small haberdashery

Buying haberdashery items is bringing the final touch to your sewing. Matching your buttons to your fabric, adorning your clothes with jewel buttons, these are all details that will make your creations unique.

And it's a good thing, since Maison Fauve offers a range of buttons that you can give for Christmas: buttons with sequins or natural mother of pearl in our seasonal colors.

See the complete range of buttons

Need a last minute gift idea?

Only a few days left before Christmas and no more time to order to be delivered in time? Here is the virtual gift card Maison Fauve!

This coupon for a little sewing bliss is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can be used in installments. You can download it, print it and write the amount of the code by hand (as well as a little sweet note?)