Dear haberdashers, Maison Fauve is a brand of sewing patterns for seamstresses who love the beauty of clothing. We offer a complete range of patterns for a contemporary and feminine wardrobe.

At the rate of two collections per year, the Maison Fauve patterns are released exclusively in the paper pattern format. This is the House's preferred format. A neat design for collectible packaging. Only the following year, the patterns are also available in pdf format on our e-shop only. The patterns Maison Fauve are ready to sew. Seam allowances are included and the pieces do not overlap. We range in size from 34 to 46, and some patterns go up to 52 and 56. We want to be inclusive and represent the diversity of Fauve women.

To make sewing accessible to the greatest number of people, our models are presented with video tutorials, where each step of assembly is detailed.

And to make it easier for some outlets, our bosses now have their own EAN code. 

To receive our general conditions of sale with the tariffs, fill the form of contact below.

We look forward to working with you,


Founder and Artistic Director