a Rocaille bubble gum, and without a collar!

Hello! While waiting for the release of the new collection (Avrillllll!!!!) I wanted to offer you today a variation of my (your?!) favourite of this winter, the pretty blouse Rocaille. This little blouse has the advantage of offering different finishes of low flaps (all these elements being interchangeable, you can have fun :) ). But having read that not everyone likes high collars (fear of being stuck, apprehension of sewing a collar in particular), I wanted to show you another way to approach the beautiful Rocaille: without collar! To do this, I reworked the siding so that your neck finish is perfect, and I suggest you close the opening with a small strap. I really like the result, and this new version with its soft tones calls for spring. This beautiful fabric comes from the Coupons of Saint PeterIt's a seersucker with soft pink stripes enhanced with lurex (shiny lurex!) at a very soft price (20 euros for 3 m, I'm very anxious to order all the colors because it's so beautiful!). For the finishing touches, I kept the lower back flaps, the shoulder tabs, and I chose to play with the stripes by taking the short lower shoulder flap, with the stripe oriented differently from the bust. What can I say except I'm in love with my new blouse. To allow you this small transformation, here is the step by step modification ;) The facing: You are going to take again the trace of your front and back facing, start from the back, by creating a facing which will be 4 cm long along the shoulder and 5 cm in the middle (at the fold). Then take up the front facing and extend it to the shoulder with 4 cm here as well. Draw the initial facing on your bust and redraw it, then transfer your new facing. Assemble your siding right sides together by the shoulders. Finish the seams, and highlight the entire outside of your siding. The pretty bridle: Take a strip about 10 cm long and 5 cm wide, and pre-fold in the middle, right side up. Sandwich a cord, and sew first in the width direction, then down the length of the cord. Remove the excess fabric, push the end of the cord a little inward with a small chisel, then pull the cord, tadammmm a nice spaghetti (it's the same technique for the straps ;) ). Cut a portion of about 4 cm long and fold it over to form the flange. Position the facing right side up on the neck, insert your flange (be careful when positioning it to take into account the seam allowance between the facing and the neck). Sew, and follow the line of the middle front slit. Clear your corners, notch your rounded neckline, flip your neck, and here's the job! Now all we have to do is pick the pretty button. I hope you'll like this new version too, maybe lighter in anticipation of good weather! See you soon!

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