A tuto to pass the time, the beautiful Sierra is there!


Here is a pattern that you were waiting for the restocking in the pocket format, and the current conditions do not allow delivery, you can now find the pattern of Sierra in PDF format here :) But let me introduce you the queen of the day... Sierra is a pattern with 4 real variations, each with its own pattern: open or closed back blouse, open or closed back dress.   The blouse version with the open back with its tutorial HEREThis article will complete the explanations in the brochure...and Sierra will have no more secrets for you!

Let's go for the step by step photo of the assembly details of the dress and closed back version:

Make your tear strip on the back pieceAfter having traced the mark of your future slit, make a reinforcement stitch along it, and cut between your reinforcement seams. On the right side of the back bust, pin your bias strip right sides together along your reinforcement seam, and open your slit as far as it will go to pin the entire length. Sew. Turn your bias strip inside out, and fold it over to get your folded border on the wrong side. Use the iron to shape and press your folded bias strip as best you can. Pin and sew. Be careful your bias strip must perfectly cover your1st assembly seam. The end of your slit therefore has the fold of the bias: come and reinforce this area with a double stitch at 45 degrees.   Assemble by the shoulders and sides right sides together front and back pieces. Overcast the seam. Assemble by the shoulders right sides together the front and back envelopes. Finish the seams. Finish the bottom of your piece. Place the shirring on the bust, matching the front and back middles and the shoulder seams. Sew, notch the rounded edges and fold your shaping to the inside of your garment. Iron well. To fix your shell, make a few hand stitches that will merge with the shoulder seam.   Assembly of the belt on the bust Curl your chest in front between marks A and C. Curl your back between marks C and E. To do this: release the thread tension on your machine, lengthen your stitch, and change your bobbin thread to a contrasting thread. Stitch in the seam allowance and leave some thread length before cutting. By pulling on the bobbin thread you will make gathers. They will be distributed when assembling with the belt by using the markings on the belt. Assemble your back waist pieces on the front waist by the sides, right sides together. Pin one of your waistband pieces right sides together on your bust (the E notches opposite the edges of the tear gap). Your waistband has markings to help you position it: start by pinning according to these markings, then spread your bust gathers. Pin well and sew. Do not turn the belt over. Pin your second waistband piece to the wrong side of the bust against the right side of the waistband, and also pin the 2 waistband pieces edge to edge and right side to right side (the bust is sandwiched between the 2 waistbands). Sew all around the belts leaving the part between the 2 F stitches open. Turn your belt over and place your bust on the right side, iron well and mark the seam allowance of the unsewn part of the belt. The skirt:   Preparation of the placket on the back skirt pieces : step to be done on each ½ back, follow the diagram in your brochure. The photos will also detail this preparation. Surfile on the entire height of the middle back. Fold the top of the small side, fold the middle back edge over 1 cm (seam allowance) then fold along the fold line and sew the small side from the fold to the mark F (seam allowance 1 cm). Make your buttonholes on the left half back.   The pockets Topstitch your pocket bottoms. Place your pocket bottoms on the front and back skirt pieces right sides together. Sew the pockets on the whole length, and on the sides of your skirt pieces. Unfold the pockets and place your back skirt pieces on the front skirt piece right sides together, overlapping the pockets. Sew on the sides, go up to the pockets and sew stopping at the pocket opening mark. With the needle still in place, turn and sew around the pocket until you reach the other pocket opening mark, then work your way up to the waist. Your skirt is assembled. Skirt and backrest assembly : As described above, gather the waist of your skirt. Place the wrong side of your bust against the wrong side of your skirt, and sew on the seam allowance of the waistband, spreading your gathers well. Fold down your bust, your skirt will be sandwiched at the waist in your waistband: pin your waistband on the right side. Sew on the right side at 0.5 cm from the edge (apply yourself because this seam will be visible). The sleevesClose your sleeve lengthwise and finish the seam. Assemble your sleeve on the armhole, relying on the reference notches. The wristFold your wrist piece right sides together and join edge to edge. Form the cuff bracelet by folding according to the mark, wrong sides together. Crease the bottom of your sleeve and assemble with your cuff (unclosed portion of the cuff edge to edge with the bottom of the sleeve). Finish and turn your cuff inside out.   Sew your bottom hem, and your pretty buttons...and then put on your wonderful dress!!! I hope this tuto will help you, don't hesitate to see also the top for an open back dress :) See you soon for more articles, in the meantime stay home and take care of yourself!

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