A nice underwear that allows everything...hello nice BLUSH! (and its video tutorial...)

There are projects that pop into your head, but you think you'll look at them later...and that's the story of this new boss! Let me introduce you to BLUSH, the new kid from Maison Fauve who will be your little trick to slide everything against you. And as I like you a lot, and the sewing must be easy peasy, the video tutorial is at the end of this article! When the boss of Tamara came out this winter, many of you wanted to sew this pretty dress in fabrics that had a little bit of transparency. And you asked my advice on how to double it. But it's not easy to double it without altering the cut, and especially without using too much fabric. Similarly, when I sewed a new version in the spring in a lemon fabric on a white background, you were worried about how to handle the transparency. Well...I don't know about you, but I have a big weakness for openwork fabrics, English embroidery, laces, guipure, veils...light or highly embroidered fabrics, but which have in common that they sometimes reveal your body a lot underneath. And the option of lining your garment can be tedious, even unsuitable, which will alter the fall of your pretty outfit. A dress bottomThis is the most clever solution, which can also be used as a camisole. And this idea that was running through my head, well I rolled up my sleeves and I made a small place for it! I saw there a basic not stupid which would quickly become an essential of the wardrobe, because whether it is under a ready to wear garment which makes you crush but whose brand did not consider useful to slip a small bottom of dress, or a garment hand sewn in a fabric of which you are croc love but which risks to show too much, the nice BLUSH pattern is perfect! A marked V neckline, but wearable with a bra...and since you're the one who sews it, adapt your strap to the desired wear. I sewed my 2 versions in the sublime mother of pearl and navy blue viscose crepes from Eglantine and ZoéSo my versions are also completely wearable with nothing on, if you want to add a lingerie touch to your outfit. Because even on your own, BLUSH is the perfect all-purpose top that's a little sexy to slip under a vest or worn with a loose sweater. With finishing touches in English stitching, and the possibility to put or not a small ring, it's a very neat little piece, and which, if you choose a precious fabric will be a little jewel to slip under all your outfits ;) I wear it under my blouse PANAMAand under my dress ZENITH (a marvel freshly fallen from mac' that I will present to you very very soon...). So, under which little gem you're going to put your BLUSH...anything goes!

Let's go for the video editing tutorial:

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