Midnight sun, beauty of dark tones at the Zenith....


a new tutorial is online CHECK CHECK CHECK !!!

All your feedback about video tutorials make me so happy! It's true that this format requires quite a bit of work, but it's also true that it's the clearest and most didactic way of guiding you through the sewing pattern sewing process. Many of you are self-taught, and during trade shows, which are the only time I can meet you "in real life", I've come to understand that some seamstresses are a bit apprehensive (sewing sleeves, collars, invisible zips, etc.). I hope the video will help you get over these little hurdles, and for seamstresses who are reluctant to start working on a pattern, the video clearly shows the assembly stages, so that you can better envisage the technical level but also the feasibility of the model (because we sometimes tend to overestimate the difficulty ;) ).
Already 5 models are available in video format:
the jacket Sunset, the combishort Eclipse, le top Sirocco, le cap Derekthe Zenith blouse. This new tutorial presents the Zenith dressThe techniques used are : making the pretty darts, assembling the gathered long sleeves, sewing the invisible zip, and an alternative method for attaching the bias on the neckline...beyond the presentation of the model, these techniques will help you whatever the pattern, to make progress and sew more elaborate garments. My beautiful Zenith takes on duller, less bright tones here than the previous gold and blue versions. I chose this fabric Mind the maker for the alliance of navy blue/brown-bordeaux colours and the leopard maxi motif, I find a daring sobriety :)   I bought the coupon at the stand of Cousette this winter at the CSF, a real love at first sight for this very soft viscose twill. The fall is really ideal for Zenithwhich is really highlighted in a dress version with a soft fabric. The ideal pattern-fabric combo to expand my pretty collection! The work of the panel skirt takes all its meaning, its cuts flatter because they do not bring volume but go out of the frame of the skirt close to the body.

Let's go ahead with the Zenith dress video editing, all you will have to do is find the fabric of your dreams (be careful between the blouse version, the dress version, the 3 sleeve finishes, the pattern becomes addictive very quickly ;) )!


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