Sewing pattern tutorial: How to make Brooklyn pants?

The Brooklyn pattern is the strong and highly desirable piece from the Empire State Of Fauve collection. This beautiful pant combines the comfort and elegance of a wide-leg pant, the femininity of a well-gripped waist and nicely shaped buttocks, Italian pockets and always the signature Maison Fauve : a work of stitched pleats on the front of the pant, which do not bring any superfluous volume but on the contrary dress the front of the garment and elongate the silhouette. And in order not to break this nice detail of sewing, the pants closes with an invisible zip on the side.

Worn by Emilie and Amanda who measure a little less than 1m65, as well as by Vanina or Cathy who measure almost 1m70, flat in sneakers or in heels, the cut of these pants has been worked with all the women who could wear them in mind.

For this video and in order to make the back and front of the garment visible, we sewed Forest corduroy fabric. In a thinner fabric, like our Jazz cotton jacquard, it's also a marvel!

Good sewing :)


Woah je suis super content j'ai réussi du premier coup à faire le pantalon brooking en suivant bien votre video qui est vraiment bien expliquer merci je l'ai fait dans du tissu gris crête, cela est super leger je suis bien dedans,, et je ne regrette pas d'avoir d'acheter vos tissus et fils et patron sur votre site car cela est vraiment de la qualité, bonne journée liliane
ps I'd love to be able to send you my fat creation

HOGREL LILIANE July 07, 2023

Is there a tutorial video in English?

Lynn September 27, 2022

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