Sewing pattern tutorial: How to make the Manhattan blazer?

Here is the masterpiece of the Empire State Of Fauve collection: the Manhattan blazer pattern. This iconic piece of the women's wardrobe joins the range of sewing patterns Maison Fauve for our greatest happiness!

The cut is just perfect, whether it's the length, the bending work or the arrow neck with its studied dimensions (because Manhattan is not as classic as it seems). Slipped on nonchalantly open over a teeshirt with faded denim, in a perfect suit spirit worn closed in duo with Brooklyn pants, or ultra fashionable belted over a beautiful flowing dress, Manhattan has it all.

To vary the level of difficulty, we offer 2 pocket finishes: patch pockets with flaps or welt pockets with flaps. And for those who want to make a statement, you can also sew a welt pocket on the lining of the jacket... A blazer wonder!

For this video and to make the back and front of the garment visible, we sewed the Forest corduroy fabric and used our navy blue cupro lining fabric for the sleeves and our midnight blue Lemon viscose fabric for the lining body. In a thinner, suit-like fabric like our Jazz flea-foot cotton jacquard, it's also a wonder!

Happy sewing!


The explanations are very clear and precise, they helped me to put into practice this jacket which I did well.

Posel March 09, 2023

This manhattan jacket has a beautiful fall. It fits very well and I really enjoyed making it thanks to your tutorial. Thanks a lot and happy new year 2023 to all your team!

Elisabeth January 05, 2023

I was offered the Manhattan jacket pattern, I was a little scared but it is so well explained that it seems accessible!
thanks! I feel so ready :)

Cocci November 09, 2022

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