Sewing pattern tutorial : How to make the dress/blouse wrap Soho ?

The most glamorous, the most stunning, the most twirling is her. The Soho pattern is a beautiful dress wrap which is full of nice details: the belts do not go around the whole waist but slip into a very elegant pinch/pleat work in front and support the sides and the back of the dress. The back is also emphasized by the same work of folds, giving the model a curved cut without being too marked. The cuffs also include a small embellishment by a subtle work on the angles "broken". Its flexible and very feminine line. And its beautiful neckline can easily be stabilized with a little pressure if you are afraid of the cross necklines of dresses wrap. The model can be sewn with or without visible buttoning.

But be careful, Soho is not only a dress for the dancefloor: in sneakers or flat boots, you will appreciate its comfort and its effortless side, because with it "nothing" dresses you ;)

And cherry on the cake Soho is also available in blouse... Irresistible, isn't it?

For this short tutorial and to make the video more readable I sewed the blouse version of Soho. The fabric is our Twist viscose and the buttons are ultra purple natural mother of pearl.

Happy sewing!



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