Tuto La robe Tamara : revisited in blouse version, with ruffled sleeves.


Here's a new video tutorial in the form of a surprise, as it accompanies the publication of our new issue of L'Oeil Fauve! magazine. 

As in the previous issue, this tutorial is an opportunity to revisit a flagship model from Maison Fauve, the pattern of the Tamara dress. Don't worry, the video describes in detail all the steps needed to sew the original pattern. But I also suggest you to revisit the pattern: short cut in blouse, with pretty ruffles caught in the sleeve cut... Enough to dance in beauty for the holidays!

For this version I chose this pretty viscose crepe from Pretty Mercerie (leopard, I never get tired of it ;) ).

The technical points of the Tamara pattern are: sewing darts and pleats, understanding a garment assembly wrap, placing and stabilising a facing discreetly, mounting sleeves (and the 2 types of sleeve finishing are described) and a sleeve band.

To sew this blouse you will need less fabric than for the dress: remove 1m20 of the indicated fabric (this one varies according to your gradation size). The pleat band is 80 cm long and 10 cm wide and is cut lengthwise in the direction of the thread.

So, what kind of Tamara Femme Fauve will you be?

Good sewing!


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