Sewing pattern tutorial: Penelope dress

There are clothes that you slip into without thinking because you know they make you look good and can follow you around on any occasion. This is what I had in mind when I created PENELOPE: a pretty dress wrap comfortable and flattering for all figures, a little retro but feminine in the devil with its buttoned bodice and always the Fauve detail: a pleated work on the shoulder and beautiful sleeves.

The technical points are the shoulder folds, the belt assembly and the facing assembly.

In another video we will show you how to sew Penelope in a blouse style and how to sew a pretty skirt wrap from your pattern.

Happy sewing!


Thank you for all these very clear explanations, which make you want to make this pretty dress model.

Gilles March 28, 2023

Thank you for this very clear tutorial which completes the paper support. However, the opening on one of the seams of the belt for the passage of the belt is not on the right side. I will rectify this but a little warning would be very useful for beginners like me! Thank you for your help!

Maquin September 13, 2022

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