Sewing pattern tutorial: the jacket Pilar

PILAR is the jacket we've been dreaming of at Maison Fauve : a nice straight cut, not too wide, not too short and with stitched finishes. But we're incorrigible and we couldn't do without the signature details for this beautiful pattern: stitched darts on the front of the jacket and the possibility of sewing a pretty back with a box pleat to twist the iconic denim piece.

As beautiful in denim as in jacquard, the technical points are the assembly of the collar, the realization of the fold, the precision of the stitched darts on the right side of the garment and the topstitching.

Happy sewing!


thank you very much for these very clear and precise tutorials.
I do not hesitate to buy your patterns that I love because I am not afraid to launch into the realization of your patterns thanks to the tutorials that guide us.
Thanks again;
Nathalie LPF

the pelley February 01, 2023

Hello, I would like to know the references of the Denim proposed for the realization of the jacket Pilar : thickness or weight.
Thank you for your answer.

Jusforgues January 16, 2023

idem, can we have the ref. of the supplier for the denim fabric?

Jeannine Tricault September 13, 2022

Great tutorial and the jacket is beautiful. Thanks

Jeannine Tricault September 13, 2022

Just beautiful and super well explained! As usual

Christine GATTI 21 March 2022

How perfect!
However, why not topstitch the front pockets on the back? (To avoid overstitching)
It's always a pleasure to spend time watching your videos.

Amandine Bellier 21 March 2022

Once again, congratulations! I have just ordered the pattern Pilar, I can't wait to receive it.
Can you give me the references and supplier of the light blue denim used in the sewing pattern tutorial?
Thank you in advance for your help,

Solange ALVAREZ-BISAUTA 21 March 2022

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