Upcycling sewing tutorial : The NOMAD belt

The Carnet de voyage collection features precious fabrics and beautiful jacquards with the Ispahanjacket. But what a shame not to be able to sew the scraps of these nuggets!

Here is an accessory that will allow you to recycle your scraps of beautiful fabrics, the beautiful NOMADE belt. Inspired by the wide fabric belts worn by gauchos, Argentinean horsemen, but also by Peruvian or Vietnamese mountain people, this piece highlights in each of these cultures the textile know-how, and in particular the embroidery, and an attachment to the dress, to the outfit which is a strong identity marker.

Let me introduce you to the pretty NOMADE: it is a large belt segmented between areas of decorated fabric that will be highlighted when you tie it, and areas of "neutral" fabric that are used to make the ties and the rest of the belt. Although it is very long, we have made the belt in several sizes so that the "embellished" areas can be positioned as harmoniously as possible according to your gradation ;)

The NOMADE fabric belt pattern is available as a free download with our latest edition of l'Oeil Fauve magazine.

The parts with the decorative fabrics are iron-on for a better fit on the waist, and the best part is that it is reversible!

This fabric belt tutorial is accessible to all sewers, even great beginners, and as always, we have provided a video to make sewing even easier :) You will also find in our summer 2021 issue of L'Oeil Fauve some worn photos and different versions of the beautiful NOMADE. 

I can't wait to see your versions and especially what pretty scraps you would have chosen to sew your belt!


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