Sewing tutorial: How to make a checkered fabric seam?

Checked fabric connection

Do you dream of sewing plaid, tartan, Prince of Wales fabrics, but are you afraid of having to deal with seams on a printed or patterned fabric?

This new Sewing Secret is for you!

When it first came out our Scott cotton tweed with its beautiful tartan pattern was a big hit and I don't want you to be lost for how to cut a patterned fabric with the specific example of the fitting for a checked fabric.

I show you how to make the pattern join on this tartan by concentrating on the horizontal line joins (on this fabric the patterns have a vertical repeat which would consume far too much fabric).

The question of horizontal and vertical connections will be addressed (don't worry!) with the example of the patch pockets with flap of the coat Pam.

For the pieces with the mention "do not cut in the straight line", we will not look for connections that will be too complicated to align with the rest of the garment (here the under collar whose middle back does not follow the direction of the straight line) but the piece being x2 we will look for a symmetry.

We are currently preparing a second tutorial where I will describe the steps to assemble several pieces of fabric with the checks that will fit perfectly on the fronts, back, sleeves and pockets. And I will show you how to sew your coat Pam without lining.

It's up to you!



Thank you for this very well explained tutto with all the details.
I will give it a try.

Evelyne September 21, 2023

Very well explained and at a speed you can follow.
Thank you very much.

Joanne Lemay May 22, 2023

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