Sewing tutorial: sewing a blouse Faye

Transforming the jumpsuitFaye pattern into a blouse pattern, several of you have asked me if this was possible. But I also wanted to propose a little hack in the theme of the season...the collar of the collar of the collar!

 So I "embellished" the already pretty collar of Faye to offer you a blouse sewing pattern with a ruffled collar.

Of course this frilly detail is not necessary for the realization of the blouse (but it's still deliciously retro isn't it?!). If you don't want to sew the ruffle strip, you can prepare the collar as described in your pattern (everything is explained in the booklet, and the step-by-step video can be found here). The result is a blouse with a flat, pointed collar as in the original jumpsuit/dress pattern Faye.

The video in this sewing tutorial explains: 

-how to modify the front and back "bust on" pattern pieces by extending them by 10 cm

how to draw facings/proprieties/shapes (these different terms will describe the same pattern piece that will ensure the cleanliness of the neckline of your blouse Faye)

-How to prepare the collar with the gathering strip (the size of the gathering strip is 5x80 cm to cut x2 fabric)

-the steps involved in assembling the gown

The fabric consumption of a blouse Faye for a 140 cm wide fabric is


Good sewing!


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