How to make beautiful ruffles with the machine?

What could be prettier than the movement of a beautiful flowing fabric?

To achieve beautiful gathers, here's how! Whatever the piece of your sewing pattern that you want to gather, the method is always the same. 

Here, I show you the realization of gathers on the bottom of the bust of the long dress Sonia.

The video tutorial

Step 1: Set up the machine

  • Change the settings of your machine in relation to your straight stitch

  • Release the thread tension and increase the stitch length

  • Take a sample of fabric and sew on about 5 cm

  • Lift the needle without cutting the threadpull to get a good length of thread, keep the length as it is then cut

Step 2: Sew the threads on the garment

Sew 2 gathering threads on the right side of the garment and within the seam allowance so do not exceed 1 cm from the edge

  • Start from the 1st notch which marks the beginning of the gathers and sew on the whole length (without front/back stitch at the beginning and end of the seam)

  • At the end of the seam, lift the needle and pull a good length of thread out from under the presser foot

  • Stitch the 2nd length of gathering thread

  • Once you have reached the end of your gathered thread length, lift the needle and pull a good length of thread out from under the presser foot

Reset the settings to resume sewing with straight stitch

Step 3: pull the gathers threads

Gathering threads are stitched on the right side of the garment: threads from the needle on the top and threads from the bobbin on the bottom of the garment

  • Come and pull on the bobbin threads (pulling on the top threads will cause a blockage and the gathers will not be done well)

Step 4: Gather with your fingers

  • Ruffle to distribute the gathers evenly over the entire length which will then be assembled

Step 5: Sew

On the video, the gathers are made on a bottom of bust which will come to be assembled with a skirt

  • Pin according to the marks, here the middle bust and the middle skirt 

  • Pin from the notches that mark the beginning of the gathered area and meet a notch that is on the skirt along the length of the garment ending with the area to be gathered

  • Spread the gathers to be at the right size with the fabric on which it will be assembled

  • Once the size is well established, pin in place keeping the gathers in place

  • Sew the work and once on the gathered area, do not hesitate to leave the needles in place to maintain the direction of the gathers. Otherwise, slow down the speed of the stitching drastically and shape well with your fingers

Step 6 : remove the gathers threads 

  • Once the work is assembled, remove the gathering threads with a Decouvit (the threads are in the seam allowance)

  • Finish by overlocking the seam

Step 7 : the video sewing tutorial

Follow all this on the video :)

Andall of our "Sewing Secrets" are available on the website and our YouTube channel!

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you've reconciled me with gathers!
thank you

karine bertho july 07, 2023

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