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Hello! Good.... you're crazy!!!! This boss PANAMA has made you lose your mind, and many, many, many of you wanted to sew my little summer pattern. As a result, there were a lot of bugs on the site, some of you contacted me to tell me that some download links were dead, there were also some typos on some boards...all my apologies for those typos, the worries are solved on the files. And for those who have problems with the files (normally the problems concern orders placed the 1st days) do not hesitate to recommend the boss (free until May 15th to find here ;) ). And there is now a version with the booklet translated in English (worldwide baby!!!!). I'm so happy, seeing this craze for PANAMA is beyond anything I could have imagined. And it is with delight that I discover your pretty sewings on Instagram! Don't forget, to participate you have until May 15th, and you have to repost your creation by tagging all the partners of the contest (and by following their account) who got together to spoil you: Eglantine and Zoé, Les coupons de Saint Pierre, FrouFrou, Dutchlabel Shop and Coudre et broder. PANAMA is a rather easy pattern, but I understood that some of you had difficulties on the assembly of the top, so badaboum badabim.... a warm tutorial to help you! For this occasion, I sewed my top in the too pretty Rifle Paper viscose, and I added a golden piping. The lining is a caramel silky viscose scrap from Eglantine and Zoé. PANAMA is a little preview of the SEW ME PAMPA collection that will be released on Friday May 3rd, and I decided to do a great shoot for the launch, so here are a few shots taken during this session at CarréMer beach ! Well that's not all... let's go to the tutorial! 1/Bust upper part assembly Sew the bust in front and the busts back to back by the shoulders. Do the same with the bust lining pieces front and back. Prepare your little bridle that will be used to button your back. Position it on the mark on the back piece and fix it by a few points on the right side of the garment. To do this I have a tip: take a strip of about 10 cm of fabric and folded lengthwise by inserting a cord. Sew the end of the cord to fix it, then all along the cord with the piping foot. Cut the end flush with the cord and pull it to unroll your "spaghetti". Cut the cord, and fold your band to form the bridle. Secure with a stitch. Place your fabric and lining pieces on top of each other in a counter-position. Pin from the back slit mark, go up along the neckline and finish on the other back slit mark, then sew (your bridle is sandwiched between the fabric and the lining).then pin the armholes, sew. Then pin the armholes, sew. Clip the rounded neckline, clear the corners. return to the right side. To go back to the place Slip your back lining through the space between the fabric sleeve strap and the lining. Take out your corners and iron carefully. Assembling the sides of your bust Pin the front and back fabric busts right sides together, continue through the underarm seam and pin the front and back linings. Close your lower back Pin right side against right side the right and left back fabric, and continue on the right and left back lining part. In order to facilitate the continuation of the assembly, you can fix together the bottom of the bust fabric and lining by a seam at 0.5 cm (the seam will then be covered during the assembly of the steering wheel), do not forget to transfer well your markers in the middle front and back. Here I did it during the installation of the piping. The piping is to be put right against right on the edge of the bust, use the zip foot to put it on. 2/ high bust and steering wheel assembly Sew the sides of the pieces right sides together. steering wheel front and back. Finish your seams. The gathers On your machine, enlarge the stitch and release the thread tension as much as possible. Sew on the edge of your steering wheel a first pucker thread at 0.5 cm from the edge. Leave a good margin of unsewn thread to be able to handle it afterwards. Make a second line of pucker thread at 0.7 cm. Pin your steering wheel on your bust Right side to right side: start by pinning the steering wheel according to the centre front and back markings and align the side seams of the chest and steering wheel. Pull on your gathers threads, and distribute your gathers, pin. Sew, and clean finish your seam. Fold down your steering wheel and iron well. 3/finishes : Sew the bottom hem of your top: fold the first 1 cm and sew. Fold a second time using your 1 cm.era Stitch, iron to mark the hem and sew cleanly on the right side. Sew your button. Bravo, Panama is waiting for just one thing: a ray of sunshine to amber your pretty shoulders! And to wait, here's a snapshot that unveils a little bit of this new collection....j'ai hâte!!!!


Thank you for your tutorial. It helps me not to get lost as soon as I'm done. I'll show you this.

Kiki August 12, 2020

with pleasure Christine, glad it could help you ;)

Snowy August 12, 2020

thank you caroline! yes it's may 3rd hihhihihi

Snowy August 12, 2020

thanks laurie! yes small mistake it's the 3rd of may ;)

Snowy August 12, 2020

Super merci pour ce tuto <3
J'adore ce top !!
Dans l'article tu dis que la collection sort le 3 septembre. C'est une erreur ? Car ça fait long !!! Ça doit être mai je pense
Hâte de voir les futures merveilles qui o't l'air très prometteuses

Caroline August 12, 2020

Wow, what a crazy job! I haven't looked at the explanations yet... but now there's no excuse to get into it?.
And I think there's a little typo in the text about the release of the collection: Friday, May 3rd, because I don't think we'll be able to make it by September 3rd with all its teasers! Can't wait to see it all.

Laurie August 12, 2020

A big thank you for this great tutorial and especially the tip for the bridle is very ingenious!
I'll let myself be tempted by the top American armhole...

Anne Bourbon August 12, 2020

Thank you for the tuto L trick of the bridle I love it.
I've prepared my Boss. All I have to do is find the right fabric and off I go.
With this tutorial I can only succeed
I look forward to the rest of your collection...
Thank you thank you very much

Edith Brechemier August 12, 2020

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