The jacket Criollo le tuto!

Hey HOOOO it's time for the tuto from CRIOLLO!

The video tutorials are a real help for the less experienced sewers, and they are also an opportunity to learn new sewing techniques and finishes that you don't know.

This new tutorial around the jacket pattern Criollo was made with this idea in mind: to make this nice sewing pattern accessible, so that those who are apprehensive about sewing jackets can take the plunge, and with perfect finishes to the key even without a lining and a serger!

I describe how to bias your seams, how to make English seams, how to make a simple tailor collar, the nice patch pockets... a little jewel this Criollo! And with its useful and decorative belt loops, it is unlike any other.

Sewn here in a beautiful corduroy from Metermeter, it is perfect for cool mornings over a sweater.

Velvet is one of this winter's key fabrics, especially in more honest colors like this pretty blue, and the addition of my pretty Sézane jewel belt breaks the somewhat "rustic" side (which I love, by the way, and I also like to wear it without a belt like a blue worker). It's straight without being baggy, so not belting it doesn't alter the way it falls, and the pattern allows for a fabric belt to be sewn in.

The pretty buttons here are golden (once a bling bling always a bling bling ;) ) but horn or wood would be nice too. They come from the small haberdashery near the workshop I don't have a link to give you, but you'll easily find an equivalent (they are 22 mm)

The pattern of Criollo is available in a nice pouch HERE and in pdf HERE

Good video and good sewing to all!

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