Top Santa Fe, asymmetry is life! The video tutorial

Hello! After this long week end I'll meet you again to propose you a new video step by step: the Santa Fé top. This pretty boss (available here in pdf and here in the cover) allows you to sew several versions: a knotted shoulder top, an asymmetrical top with a collar, and a simple little top with just the detail of the asymmetry that twists the look. This is the version with a knot on the shoulder that I present you in video (to mount a collar on a top/blouse neckline, please consult the video of the assembly of the beautiful blouse Dahlia here). Santa Fé is a rather accessible sewing pattern, quick to sew, and whose asymmetry is not "radical" because both shoulders are covered. It is one of my favorite models of the collection. SEW ME PAMPAI wore it a lot last summer. And stitching up the pattern for the video was the perfect excuse to get me a new beloved top ;)

And many of you are asking me if it is possible not to double the top to consume less fabric. I took advantage of the tutorial to show you how to draw a siding from the pattern, so you will have the choice to double or not your top!

I have chosen this fabric Make my lemonade with a very present pattern, but the black and white purifies the whole. I don't know if I would have assumed this print on a larger piece like a long dress (I hesitated a lot to sew Tamara in it), but I can tell you that as a top with jeans I like it a lot! The advantage of this fabric is that it doesn't need a lining, so it's perfect for this version with facing! Here we go, follow me in the video step by step of the Santa Fé top with a knot on the shoulder and the explanation of the parementation (spoiler alert...there will be the "baguette-paille" technique as a guest :) )  

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