Sewing tutorial: the Mia dress / blouse

The beautiful Mia is a multi-option boss.

You can sew a blouse or a dress, a more or less deep neckline, a sleeve with a simple sleeve band or a buttoned cuff and above all you have the choice between 2 collars: an officer's collar and a scarf collar, the trompe l'oeil twist that shakes up the look.

This tutorial will detail each step of the sewing process, with a focus on the 2 collars and the cuff.

The technical points of the pattern are :

- Sew a back facing

- Mounting a collar on a neckline

- Making a tear-proof slit

- Sewing a wrist

Happy sewing!


Hello Lili,

For the Mia dress you can use any medium weight warp and weft fabric (110 to 200 g/m2) that will have flexibility. A viscose, tencel, silk but also an embroidery anglaise, a light and flexible wool, a very fine jean, a fine jacquard. Do not hesitate to consult the product sheet : , Have a nice day

Maison Fauve February 28, 2023

I would like to know what fabric was used for the Mia dress (the navy blue and green fabric)? And where can I find it?
Thank you for your answer

Aline Harbonnier February 28, 2023

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