The video tutorial of the pattern Belem short version

Belem is much more than a summer short/pant: with its belt loops that extend down the front of the garment without being interrupted by a seam, its wide waistband, its nice volume, and its elegant high waist (but comfortable thanks to the elastic back), you can sew a pair of cotton shorts as well as a very chic pair of trousers made of light woolen cloth.

The pattern from Belem is a pair of trousers, with a boundary on the legs to make them into shorts using the instructions on page 5 of the brochure. This video also illustrates this transformation of the pattern.

The shorts in this video are sewn from Mondial Tissus cotton.

You will no longer have any secrets from the fly and the elastic poses, let's go for the video!


Find the pattern of the pants and shorts Belem here


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