Sew a fly

Often, when you take the plunge and decide to sew your first pair of trousers, you will go for trousers with an invisible side closure (like the pattern Loulou, or Embrun). But it's a shame to limit ourselves to models without a zipper.

I offer you a very detailed video tutorial to sew a trouser fly.

Here the pattern is that of the pants Hussard, with a "fly" pattern piece, and a one-piece "under deck" as well. I explain everything, from the seamline, when to overcast, the position of the zip, to the assembly of the different parts... This method will help you to understand these different steps, visualize them and thus reproduce the method by adapting it to any pattern with fly.

Ready to make the leap? Then follow me!


No words ✔ 🤦♀️I always had a bit of pain in the making of a trouser fly 😒 Now I can understand better at the video well explained 👌

Beatrice Gohory 02 September 2021

Bravo to you because the videos are very didactic, and thank you for generously sharing your techniques!

Gautier Céline October 30, 2020

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