How to make Haut Vol in top version ?

Here is a very detailed sewing step by step to sew without difficulty the Haut Vol dress hack in Top version. We take up each step from the adaptation of the pattern, the preparation of the pieces, the steps of assembly of your garment and the different technical points, in order to make this moment accessible even to the apprentice dressmaker.

Fabric consumption

To sew your Haut Vol top, you will need the following quantities of fabric (for a 140 cm width):
- 34-38 : 90 cm
- 40-42 : 110 cm
- 44-46 : 120 cm
- 48-52 : 130 cm

Cutting plans

From 34 to 38

From 40 to 42

From 44 to 52


Happy sewing!


thank you so much for this hack!
I'm just sewing the dress; I wanted to make the top afterwards....and I just watched your video!
génial. merci
greetings Karine

karine bertho july 07, 2023

Hello Geneviève,

The fabric recommended for the Haut Vol top is identical to that of the Haut Vol dress, which you can find on its product page.
Have a nice day!

Maison Fauve June 05, 2023

Hello Cel,

Unfortunately the Haut Vol armhole doesn't allow for a fitted sleeve as it is, but if you know how to rework armholes why not ;)

Maison Fauve June 05, 2023

I just bought the pattern to make the top!
What fabrics do you recommend to make it (material and weight)?

Geneviève AVERARDO June 05, 2023

Bonjour, superbe hack, toujours aussi chic.
Is it possible to adapt small sleeves on the high flight top please?
Many thanks in advance!
Have a nice day!

Cel June 05, 2023

Hi Sandrine, as the top is a hack, a transformation of the dress, it's perfect that you have your pattern, as it will be essential for making the top. Don't hesitate to watch the video, it explains everything. have a nice day!

maisonfauve april 18, 2023

bonjour Aphélie, the mid-back seam is not compulsory. Put the piece in the fold, removing the 1 cm seam allowance along the middle back line if you prefer. Have a nice day!

maisonfauve april 18, 2023

Do we have to make a seam in the middle of the back?

Aphelie April 18, 2023

Beautiful, awesome tuto! I had not imagined the design of this top which really caught my eye. Thank you, thank you very much

Pradel April 11, 2023

thank you very much for this beautiful gift the top is very beautiful and original


josephine April 11, 2023

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