How to print and assemble your sewing pattern PDF files?

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    Click on "Add to cart" from the product page. Confirm your order and pay. The "Thank you for your order" page will automatically appear, and you'll need to wait a few moments for the "Download now" button to appear. You will also receive an e-mail with download links for your digital purchases. We invite you to keep this e-mail for as long as possible, so that you can download your files again. 




    Links can be used 5 times. We strongly advise you to save your files on your computer to keep them indefinitely!  


    Our sewing pattern PDF files are available in 3 formats:

    • A0 : it is a large format, not compatible with domestic printers. You must go to a copyist / reprographer to have it printed.

    • A3: Large sheets, suitable for office photocopiers.
    • US letter: the standard format for printers in North America.

    • A4: the classic format of sheets in France. This is the format you have to print with your home printer.

    • Some are available in video-projection format


    To print your pattern, click on the printer icon () or via the menu File > Print. In the window that opens, check the following options:

    • In the "Printable pages" section: all

    • In the "Page sizing and management" section: Actual size

    These settings allow you to print only the first page. Now check the test square to make sure it is the correct size. 

    Print window - print at actual size

    Do your prints seem to be out of sync? For the best printing, make sure to block the entry of your sheets in the printer so that during the aspiration, the printing is ideal.

    Print the pattern only in your size

    The PDF catalog has evolved: all our sewing pattern products now feature layers by size.

    To print the pattern layer corresponding to your size, you must first download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer.

    Open the PDF file you wish to print with Adobe Acrobat Reader :

    Click on the "Layer" tab symbolized by the following pictogram:

    You will then see all the layers proposed in your file. By default, all sizes are already displayed on your pattern

    To display only the desired size, uncheck all other sizes by clicking on the pictogram()

    As an example here, on the PDF pattern of the pants Hussard, you want to obtain the size 40. You have unchecked all these sizes : 34, 36, 38, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, in order to keep only the lines of the size 40. You obtain this result :

    Be sure to leave the following layers visible:

    - The layer named "Pages" which allows you to have the page numbers on each sheet
    - The layer named "Texts and PDF" which corresponds to both the texts of the parts, the indications of the thread right and the similar parts for all sizes - The layer named "General instructions", which is the visible text on page 1 and which includes the test square


      It's normal to have white "margins" on your printout. These should be preserved. You need to tape your sheets edge to edge. Assemble the pattern from left to right. Some sewing pattern PDFs include an assembly plan to guide you. If you wish, you can extend your tracings by hand.

      Cut out

        Check your size with the size chart and cut according to the dotted line of your size. If you want to keep all your sizes, we recommend that you transfer the pattern.


          That's it! All you have to do is transfer your pattern to your fabric and sew! For best results, make a quick canvas to confirm the size and to adjust the pattern to your body shape.


          I like

          MENÉ July 26, 2023

          Beautiful model

          Guillebault July 07, 2023

          Hello Evain,

          The seam allowances are included in the pattern, you can also find out how much they are depending on your pattern. Have a nice day

          Maison Fauve February 28, 2023

          Are the seam allowances included in the pattern or should they be added please?
          Thank you

          Evain February 28, 2023

          Hello, how do I print the pattern of the cap.
          Thank you

          Pascale FOURNIAL September 13, 2022

          I have the pattern for the bob fawn but is there a video tutorial?
          thank you very much

          dulac.christelle 02 September 2021


          You have to assemble your pattern from sheet 1 to 5 for the first line, then start the second line with sheet 6 and continue by following the page numbering and making lines of 5 pages!

          Have a nice day,

          Julie 12 August 2020

          I bought your boss bonnie dress
          but I'm lost in the assembly of the leaves.
          Can you help me
          Beautiful dress for my son's wedding thank you.

          Anne villa August 12, 2020

          Hello. What dress are you talking about?

          Julie 12 August 2020

          Thank you for your boss? I made several caps for a dentist's office and they were a success! However, I had to adjust the sizes because the first 2 were a little small. I'm going to make them some more, but I printed the pattern 3 times and each time with different dimensions (printer's whim...) To be able to enlarge it properly, could you give me the real length and width to cut, at least of the big band... It would give a little indication. Thanks a lot!

          Jacqueline BERTHOME August 12, 2020

          good evening Jacqueline
          normally if your test square is at the right scale the rest of the pieces are necessarily at the right scale, there is no reason. For your information, my impression of the bottom side of the piece gives a strip length of 47.2 cm (on the long horizontal portion, under the mention straight line) and 7.1 cm on the largest of the vertical portions (the one at the front).
          good evening :)

          Snowy August 12, 2020

          Hi, I just ordered the dress :) I plan to have my pattern printed in A0, and I see that for sewing pattern 34-46 in A0 there are 2 sheets (short version and long version), but not for the large size version. Am I reading this wrong?
          Thank you for your reply.

          Legoff Marielle August 12, 2020

          When I measure my test square, I have 2.8cm and not 3cm.
          Does this affect my boss?

          Thank you for your response

          Catherine Escolier August 12, 2020

          it is necessary to measure from the outside of the line, the test square is realized from the digitizing software so its measurements are aligned with the pattern :)

          Snowy August 12, 2020

          I just discovered your site and I wanted to know if there is a tutorial with each PDF sold?

          Thank you.

          Marie Christine bertereau August 12, 2020

          the list of sewing pattern with video or photo step-by-step instructions can be found in the tutorials section of
          all sewing pattern Maison Fauve pdf files are of course supplied with a detailed, illustrated assembly brochure :)
          enjoy your evening!

          Snowy August 12, 2020

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