How to sew the Tremplin cargo pants?

The cargo pant is the perfect sewing project for seamstresses who love garments with elaborate construction work and lots of details: its straight cut follows the silhouette without molding the leg, the knee is drawn by a pinch work to better define it, the Italian pockets and flaps are embellished with a cutout with a studied design, the side patch pockets do not have a puff that weighs down but pleats that play tricks, and the bottom of the leg can be declined with an elastic under slide, a buttoned placket or remain straight. For a perfect fit, I recommend you to make a canvas to validate the proportions of your pants (and the measurements of the finished garment will help you to evaluate the needs according to your stature).

In this video sewing tutorial, we will go step by step through each step of the Springboard assembly. The sewing techniques we will cover are:
- Sewing pleats
- Sewing an Italian pocket
- Sewing rounded pieces and tips
- Plating pockets
- Sewing darts
- Sewing a fly

Happy sewing!

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