Harlequin sequin, the Couture inspiration that awakens the allure!

There are silhouettes in the shows that transcend the question of "Is this wearable?" to land directly in the "This garment is a dream" box.

And I'm going to introduce you to one of the colorful figures that tread the catwalk over the years and seasons: the Harlequin. The world of the circus is a recurring source of inspiration for designers, from the exuberance of Alexander McQueen or Moschino to the more muted dreaminess of the house of Dior.

Moschino PE20

McQueen for Givenchy

Dior AH07

Dior PE19

The harlequin of the big houses is full of creativity: the play of the lozenges, the contrasts of the colors, the materials and the embroideries are spectacular and it is sometimes complicated to extract the suit to appropriate this look.

So when I saw this fabric at Mondial Tissus, I had a flash, a little fashion discharge. This pattern, these sequins, it could have been definitely "too much", if the soft, pastel colors had not calmed the game. I saw it as a way to play around and inject a little couture flamboyance into my outfit.

Sewing this fabric was a bit of a headache and a first for me with sequins. Cutting and sewing were not particularly difficult in themselves but impossible to transfer easily notches or indications, the patterns require to check the connections and I finished all the edges of my pieces with a bias: overlocker prohibited, in free edge I am too afraid that the sequins come off in the long run, and especially ... it scratches if you do not finish the edges cleanly ;) My facing is not in this fabric but in crepe de Chine, and ironed as recommended in the pattern. I had ordered this fabric for a jacket Ispahan (it would have been CA-NON) but it didn't seem suitable, especially because the mesh under the sequins is loose and would have revealed a lining.

So I chose the easy way (yes, it's good sometimes, hihihi!) and I sewed with this nugget a top Palma: easy, fast, facing a fabric that I don't know well, I preferred not to have to deal with complex sewing steps. And I'm very happy with my choice! 

And I even reused the scraps of this naughty sequin to sew myself a Nomad belt, to add some spice to my outfits.

In short, no regrets for this fabric cracking, which each time I wear it allows me to dream a little ...

Photos @Charlène Pélut


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