Coats, jackets and blousons review : the podcast !

How about a review of sewing pattern de couture to warm up your wardrobe? In this brand-new sewing podcast, I take you on a grand tour of sewing pattern jackets and coats Maison Fauve, worn and detailed.

As some of our sewing pattern sewing kits have variations, I'll show you the different possible finishes, the technical points of sewing pattern, but also the recommended fabric choices, and how to cut the garments. Our sewing pattern jackets and coats are aimed at different sewing levels, but don't panic, as all sewing pattern have video tutorials to guide you through the sewing process.

And why not layer the pieces to keep even warmer? To conclude the video, here are some association ideas from sewing pattern, including which jacket or coat to wear with a mid-length dress (I'm wearing the SoHo dress sewn in Bleu de Minuit viscose twill in the video).

This episode of the couture podcast Maison Fauve will be the last of the year 2022, I wish you all a very nice holiday season, and I'll see you in January for a very very Fauve surprise ;)

Manhattan Jacket in Jazz Cappuccino

Pam in Scott cotton tweed

Jacket Sunset in floral cotton canvas

Metropolis Jacket in black Drama Tweed

Trench coat Tsar in gabardine sable

Jacket Pilar in white velvet

Jacket Sable in black Drama Tweed

Coat Ray in tartan wool

Jacket Ispahan in jacquard

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