The new Smoking wool gabardine is online!

This winter you fell in love with our beautiful Grain de poudre Smoking fabric: a very high quality fabric, 100% virgin wool, in a deep black, from a dormant stock of the LVMH group. We offered it in the Metropolis jacket sewing box, for an exceptional hand-sewn garment. We were also able to offer some of this fabric for sale by the meter, but due to its supply it was quickly sold out, and impossible to restock.

In search of a new fabric 

fabric for jacket

We were receiving a lot of requests for this type of material, and we kept an active watch at our deadstore to offer you a fabric that met this level of quality. When new promising rolls were proposed, I went to Paris to confirm that the material met our expectations. And tadammmm, it's a wonderful wool gabardine that just arrived at the workshop!!! This 100% wool fabric is woven in Japan, and the fibers have been specially treated so that the fabric wrinkles as little as possible (but the ironing is done well I reassure you). Like our previous fabric, it has a beautiful drape, a deep black color and a slightly satiny look due to the tight weave of the fibers. It is not the same fabric as the powder grain which has a slightly different weave, but the quality and the rendering will be just as qualitative.

fabric for women's suit

Our ideas for sewing the wool gabardine Smoking

Flexible and medium weight (200 g/m2), it will allow you to sew a jacket, a blazer, pants, even a dress or a trapeze skirt with a little bit of hold.

fabric for women's pants

Our Metropolis jacket pattern will of course be sublimated in this new tuxedo fabric, with our light gold jewel buttons that give it a very couture look.

And during our L'Œil Fauve shoot this winter, I married the powder grain to our elegant Drama Tweed to sew a chic Sable jacket, worn with matching Brooklyn pants. You can absolutely reproduce the idea with our new Smoking wool gabardine.

wool gabardine
wool gabardine
wool gabardine

Again, we only have a limited amount of this fabric available because we don't have it produced, we bought the 2 available rolls from the deadstore. I hope you enjoy discovering the new Smoking fabric by Maison Fauve!

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