New La Piscine collection : the lookbook

Hello !

Here we go with the lookbook of our new PE 23 collection, and my heart is racing! It's available as a free PDF download here but you can also view it online here.

La Piscine is first of all a desire for very bright colors, for a Technicolor wardrobe. A little retro music was playing in my head, I had images of pools in pastel tones, like David Hockney, of varnished nails and pretty light outfits, at the crossroads between Florida and the Riviera. I imagined a very cheerful wardrobe, for beautiful elegant women sipping a cocktail on a deck chair, and that's how La Piscine was born.

The inspirations

While working on the aesthetics of this collection, I decided to go for the first degree of the pool: diving boards, slides, something playful! And this pop universe catapults itself with a very dressed Fauve woman, like the women of the 60s who primped even to stay at the water's edge. 


A look that navigates between the elegant Mad Men series, the mutinous Mrs. Meisel who goes on the road in the Catskills, a melancholic Lana Del Rey and the divine Romy Schneider who has the blues in The Pool. I also saw not long ago the genre movie Don't Worry Darling, and the sublime Florence Pugh on the verge of a nervous breakdown in those little fitted dresses really pleased me, because this collection is not to be taken at face value: we laugh, we lick, we dance, we get angry, we run away, we assert ourselves in the La Piscine wardrobe!

The sewing pattern couture collection

Our new collection includes 5 new sewing pattern sewing items:

The Grand Bain shorts and the Salto top for strolling along the water's edge with sandals in hand, the Nage Libre jacket that can be slipped on over the swimsuit, the Tremplin cargo pants with their many insanely feminine details, and the Haut Vol dress, divinely crafted and which elongates the figure. All the details of cut, supplies and choice of fabrics are to be found in the lookbook.

La Piscine fabric collection

A complete range of fabrics will be offered:
- Our new Twist cotton and lurex jacquards in blue, yellow and pink

- New colors in our plain viscose twill range: Fizz Yellow, Lagoon Blue, Cobalt Blue, and an even more peppy restocking of our Ultra Violet color that goes into summer mode.
- Our new quality of viscose poplin printed with yellow Leo, turquoise Leo, purple Lemon
- Yellow, Fuchsia, striped and sky blue cupro lining fabrics
- A new reference of fabrics, our magnificent cotton sateens sable and khaki

    And of course, the Candy shop will open its doors for a collection of assorted buttons, as sour as candy.

    I wish you a nice discovery of our lookbook, either online or in free download in PDF format... Opening of the big pool and launch of the new collection: Thursday, March 23rd at 9am!


    very pretty, irresistible.
    thank you
    mt April 3, 2023

    marie-therese kervegan April 04, 2023

    superb collection. i'm going to be tempted again by all these beautiful sewing pattern.

    Marcella Tatti March 30, 2023

    superb collection. i'm going to be tempted again by all these beautiful sewing pattern.

    Marcella Tatti March 28, 2023

    So this is the top of the top! Congratulations

    Stefani Gisèle March 28, 2023

    It's gorgeous "La Piscine", I love it!!!
    Once again, you surprise us with details that make the difference and make us want to sew your sewing pattern, the pep and smiles add the final touch! I'm ready for the opening of the pool!!!
    Congratulations and thank you for brightening up our wardrobe :)

    MACARENA LARA March 28, 2023

    Good evening
    Great collection, I love it :)

    Baers Daniella March 28, 2023

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