New year, new sewing with the new free Tribeca pattern!

At Maison Fauve, we like to make you happy, and it is with a brand new free sewing pattern that we propose you to start the year. It's our way of wishing you a wonderful sewing year, and of thanking you for accompanying us in this wonderful adventure that is Maison Fauve !

I am delighted to present the Tribeca blouse, which closes in beauty the crazy adventure of our fall/winter collection Empire State Of Fauve.


To celebrate its launch, a great contest organized on Instagram with Stragier haberdashery, Rascol haberdashery and the jewelry brand Ila Bella. We invite you to participate in a sewing challenge, with the possibility of winning:

For the great winner, the one who is going to give us an eyeful and who is going to make an unforgettable Tribeca:
- A duo of Necchi sewing machine and overlocker offered by Rascol
- A gift voucher of 150€ at Stragier
- A gift voucher of 150€ at Ila Bella
- A gift voucher of 150€ at Maison fauve

For the next 5 winners, a choice of paper pattern Maison Fauve

10 participants will be drawn and will win a PDF pattern of their choice Maison Fauve

And for 100% of all seamstresses, the Tribeca blouse PDF pattern and video tutorial are included, joining the family of sewing pattern free of charge. Maison Fauve


All the terms and conditions of the contest can be found in the documents of your Tribeca PDF boss. The contest runs from January 14 to February 14.

The pattern is available in A4, A3, A0 and US letter sizes, with layers and even in a projectable video version! There is also a step by step sewing video dedicated. 

The model was created to leave room for your creative desires, to play with fabrics, materials, prints, so have fun with this nice pattern, all hacks are allowed, place to revisit! 

I love the idea of being able to sew and re-sew a pattern without getting tired of it, and believe me Tribeca will not be the same to play the chameleons and reinvent itself with each new sewing. If its cut is classic, it looks like no other thanks to its play of bands and yokes. You will be able to give free rein to your creative desires to imagine and sew the blouse that suits you. Let me show you the different versions we sewed for the Tribeca launch.

Passion color block

Plains have no equal when it comes to highlighting the cuts and construction details of clothing. And when you also choose bold colors, the mix and match is explosive! What to come to put a boost to your daily outfits ;)


Black and white polka dot set

If the color range is calming, we keep the playful side with mini polka dots whose black and white meet. Worn with my black Brooklyn pants, Tribeca plays the elegant.



Tribeca barbapapa in pastel stripes

The totally assumed inspiration of this version is the famous striped shirt of Ralph Lauren. Beautifully preppy and very feminine, it's the sweet touch that we add to his wardrobe. On a washed jeans, we accentuate the vintage side very 90', and we can once again have fun looking for the perfect combination of colors ... Before better start again!



The touch of lace that we can't get enough of

There is nothing more irresistible than a pretty lace, a beautiful openwork fabric, an embroidery anglaise for a pretty refined blouse. Here, the stripes steal the show, the rest of the blouse is sewn in our immaculate tencel. But the most daring can reverse the trend, and let the beautiful transparency.



This review of the different versions of Tribeca is making me dizzy, but I know that with you it's a roller coaster ride that awaits me! I can't wait to find out how you're going to make this brand new pattern your own, see you at the Tribeca party soon!



Thank you for this new pattern
I just finished it in Liberty

Catherine Jousselin February 15, 2023

Thank you so much for this pattern, this perfect tuto and this contest that allows you to challenge yourself. Personally, that's what I like. I immediately imagined a blouse that I would like to match with one of my skirts and in a style that suits me. Thanks again. 😊 😍

Annie February 14, 2023

Thank you so much for this pattern that has joined my collection. I enjoyed making this beautiful blouse.
Thank you for your inspirations. Can't wait for the next collection!

Beaufreton Isabelle February 02, 2023

A very nice model and I would like to participate in this contest.
Thank you for this beautiful idea

Ammr January 24, 2023

Hello. 1) What is the lace presented in the tencel model? Where can I buy it?
2) I saw a video that showed how to assemble the different parts of the pattern, how to put the sheets together, but I can't find where I saw it. Can you help me?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Marie-France ALLAIN-DIEU February 01, 2023

thank you for this nice pattern

CHRISTINE FRANC January 19, 2023

I love all your sewing pattern and especially this blouse, which is both simple and original and offers so many possibilities. I hope to be able to participate in this contest. I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing clothes, but with the tutorial, this pattern seems within my grasp. So maybe I'll take the plunge, thanks to you. Thank you for your help.

LAGER Marie-Pierre January 18, 2023

Thank you very much for this contest! Nice inspirations in perspective...

FORNI florence January 18, 2023

Good evening,
I am interested in participating in the contest and would like to receive the pattern.
How do I do it?

Geneviève Hennet January 18, 2023

Oh I try my luck with great pleasure

MIEGER January 16, 2023

I love this pattern

CLAUDIE CABRERA January 16, 2023

Very nice pattern, can't wait to sew it ♥️

Sabine Cappelaere January 16, 2023

Can't wait to see the result!

Barbara Stoebener January 16, 2023

Thank you so much for Tribeca, I can't wait to look into this beautiful project. I had really enjoyed sewing Tilda ...
Many thanks Emilie !

Agnès Lossignol January 16, 2023

This is a great contest and I'm really looking forward to it.

Ariane Renard January 16, 2023

Two words: a real thank you!!!

Sabine Lemarquier January 16, 2023

Pattern at the top 👍👍👍

Agnes Ben Ghozi January 16, 2023

I love all the fabric ideas that can be used for this pattern

Éliane Marquis January 16, 2023

This will be my first contest!

CORINE BRUN January 16, 2023

Wow thank you for all these inspirations

Carole Schuppe January 16, 2023

Thank you for this very chameleonic pattern! I'll be poking around in my stash right away for an amazing combination...or softer!

Elodie Pincé January 16, 2023

thank you for this novelty 2023, can't wait to see the multiple ideas that will germinate in the friends.thank you also to the partners

helene January 16, 2023

Wow, another very nice pattern that makes you want to have fun with the colors and fabrics!
Great job!
How long does the contest last?
Have a nice day

Ducat claire January 16, 2023

What a fabulous contest 🤩

Rocchi January 16, 2023

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