Our selection of dresses Maison Fauve to sew for the beautiful days!

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How about a wardrobe tour that smells of warm sable ? Join me on Instagram for a video review of the summer dresses available at Maison Fauve ! While we're waiting for our new collection to go online (and a breathtaking new dress, read on and maybe you'll get a little surprise ;)), I'd like to take a look back at our top summer models. I'll show you the garments we've worn and answer your questions about the particularities of the different sewing pattern sewing techniques. Here are the different dress models presented in these videos:

Dresses with a stunning back cleavage

The Bonnie Dress: this model from several collections ago is worth checking out. With its trompe l'oeil cape, it looks crazy, while its construction remains sleek and very accessible. The pattern is only available in PDF.

The dress Leaf: this pretty dress is a flagship model of maison fauve for several years. Its secret weapon: a really elegant back cover.

The Paola dress: a real dress for the summer, it offers a twirling look and a ravaging back.

The Mia dress and its summer hack: the beautiful Mia is a pattern that offers several options, including this free extension version to download on the site to sew a summer Mia (and its sublime back neckline).

Fold lovers, it's this way!

The dress Atlas: a pleated front terribly chic, and its pretty pleats are also in recall on the wrist. The dress Atlas has a short sleeve option to fully enjoy the sunshine.

The dress Byzance: its V neckline in front and back is highlighted by a delicate work of folds, and its skater skirt will be perfect for twirling.

The Zenith dress: the sun came to kiss the bust of this signature dress of the wardrobe Maison Fauve. It offers different sleeve lengths, and a blouse variation that is truly ravishing.

The Tribeca dress: the latest addition to the Maison Fauve collection will delight you with its babydoll cut and its bias that emphasizes the cutouts of the bust.

Dresses for dancing

The Kika dress: a strapless dress to raise the temperature! This pretty pattern comes with a tutorial document to guide you on how to adjust the bust.

The dress Luz: with or without ruffles, you will see that the variations of the beautiful Luz allow you to sew versions with lots of character. In jumpsuit shorts, in jumpsuit pants thanks to our free hack to download, with or without ruffles, it's a party in your wardrobe!

The Penelope dress: a revisited wrap dress, with a set of crossed offsets for a trompe l'oeil skirt and blouse. It's the perfect piece to take a cocktail on summer evenings ;)

The dress Niki: under its wise exterior, the beautiful Niki is a marvel of little dress, very airy in its skater version and with its dancer neckline. Its secret: a sleeve with a really unique pleated detail.

I wish you a nice discovery of this selection, and I say to you very soon, for a new collection... Really very Femme Fauve !


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Thank you for this beautiful article, it makes you want so much all these pretty dresses! ♡

Lorraine March 28, 2023

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