"On the road" with Maison Fauve and Studio Walkie Talkie

This season we are not the only ones to draw our inspiration from across the Atlantic and it is a retro aesthetic with a US touch that Studio Walkie Talkie offers us this season with its "American Vintage Dream" collection. This jacquard brand has been a real favorite for several seasons. Flore and Emilie have a crazy creativity and their fabrics are recognizable at first glance. The brand is also very focused on eco-responsibility with fabrics that meet the Eco Tex, GOTS or GRS labels for recycled fibers. Studio Walkie Talkie does not sell directly, you can find the list of their retailers here (and the new collection will be offered at Rascol, Cousette, Henry Henriette and Coocool).

The most desirable jeans of the season

Among the new items, I chose the incredible Happy: this cotton blend fabric with a denim look and a play of washes like a cloudy sky that caught my eye. If it comes in different colors and with versions in metallic threads to be the queen of the dancefloor, I chose to sew the Happy Vinyl pattern, in gray tones with 80' accents: a little Proust's madeleine of snow jeans ... But definitely more contemporary!

So I sewed this fabric with our hot denim pattern at Maison Fauve : the Hussard pants . This pretty pattern is full of very attractive details: the signature pleats on the pockets, the leg pressed from the waist to the hips, the thigh is comfortable and the line tightens a bit at the ankle. 

 The Skyline shirt plays with lines

To go with my new temperamental jeans, I chose to tone it down with another Studio Walkie Talkie fabric from the previous collection and sewed the Skyline shirt from our new Riviera cotton/viscose jacquard Cookie colorway collection. The colors match up beautifully between my pants and top and the interrupted lines of the fabric are very interesting with the pleating of Skyline.

These pictures were taken by Charlène Pélut on the same day as the shooting of the Empire State of Fauve collection, so I'm lucky enough to have the wonderful beauty of Téva Quesada and the hairstyle of Nicolas Astruc: absolute kiff of these fuchsia lips and my notched hair for a look a bit 80's super apropos nursery. I'm wearing the beautiful silver snake earrings of the brand Christelle dit Christensen... This look is not cold in the eyes ;)

Run to discover the wonders of Studio Walkie Talkie, you're sure to fall in love with the nuggets of this new collection!

See you soon!


Just a big wowwwwwwww

Adeline Bouffioux September 19, 2022

Magnificent the whole

Beatrice September 19, 2022

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