Empire State Of Fauve fabrics

The range of colors that we have chosen for this collection will be found on our prints, our plains, until our buttons: Very green, Ultra purple, Midnight blue, the tone is set. This season we offer full colors, beautiful in plain, incisive in our minimalist and graphic patterns on white background. We also offer all these colors on our new matching buttons. I'll introduce you to the color palette, materials and patterns of this new collection, and I'll give you a top secret info at the end of the article ;)

The colors of the season Maison Fauve

Very green

Very green is a color that slams, saturated, to give pep to your outfit. I had in mind the unforgettable green dress of Keira Knightley in the movie "Atonement", a very strong and bright grass green. It's the green of Central Park, a breath of chlorophyll freshness that will shake your dressing.

Ultra violet

A twilight purple, which has retained some of the warmth of the setting sun. Stronger than parma, it takes its place in winter and brings THE touch of color that will awaken tweeds, fine woollens, and more muted tones. For those who are not afraid of the cold, yellows and oranges will be enhanced by our Ultra Violet.

Midnight Blue

Neither navy blue, nor royal blue, nor Klein blue, our Midnight Blue is a sky lit by the clarity of the moon. A cold color, very elegant, it will go well with black, white and beige for a very chic and timeless agreement, as well as with ochres, bright yellows, mustards, icy browns. 

The 3 colors of the fall/winter Maison Fauve will allow you to play with your wardrobe. The combination of plains works wonderfully and for a very assertive color block, the association of green/purple, blue/green or blue/purple is as daring as it is stylish (you see where I'm going with this). But our Very green will also be perfect to accompany the Fauve prints and the more pastel shades will form a delicious cameo with our trio.

Fabrics united by Maison Fauve

We offer our 3 colors of the season on a woven/dyed viscose twill base. It is a medium weight fabric (170 g/m2) with a tight weave and a beautiful fall. It doesn't need a lining and will look just as good as a blouse, a dress or a pair of pants(a pair of Brooklyn Very greenpants is patiently waiting for me to go back to my machine ;)).

We also offer a pristine tencel, so the shade of white is just perfect. If it's the beautiful Skyline shirt that had the honor of donning it for the shoot, I guarantee that all your blouses will look chic in this fabric.

The fabrics printed by Maison Fauve

The Art Deco accents dear to Maison Fauve can be found in our new collection of patterns. All in geometry and purity, it is the colors that mark the tempo. Our fabrics are printed in France on a lighter viscose twill (150g/m2) and in a looser weave than our plains. They are opaque, very soft but delicate: Microtex needles and fine pins are mandatory.

The Lemon pattern

Our pretty lemons do nothing like everyone else... Neither yellow, nor figurative, it is an abstract interpretation that we offer. I had fun combining the colors and this mesh of citrus fruits that intertwine is delightful!

The Twist pattern

This pretty chevron soars as high as the tops of Manhattan buildings, and is hypnotic with the slightest movement. Our Twist pattern will shake up the classic stripes, and it was architecture that inspired me to create this print.

Jazz cotton jacquard

The flea foot is a weave pattern that allows you to play the male/female wardrobe card. Easier to sew because the scale of the pattern doesn't require precise piecing, it's flexible and perfect for mid-season. Our Jazz fabric was presented in blue and black when the collection was released but unfortunately it is sold out. It is not possible to restock this color, but we are preparing with our weaver from Lyon a coffee surprise for the return of Jazz at the end of October...

I hope you like this presentation and that it inspires you to make pretty sewings, see you soon!


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Legernard September 21, 2022

What a stunning collection! stunning like this city which is crazy! I love your moodboards and all the fabrics are gorgeous! And then that coffee colored jazz...I'm not going to let it go!!!

Malika September 15, 2022

Dazzling, daring and so chic! These fearless colors so well combined are so good! Bravo !

laurent September 13, 2022

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