Strawberry sorbet and whipped cream, for a duo Kim and Tribeca gourmet!

Hello !

Winter is coming to an end and my head is full of colors and light that warms up. The new collection Maison Fauve is slowly taking shape (patterns are being printed, the shooting is imminent, fabrics are being rolled... Ahhhh can't wait for the end of the month!)

If it's too early to reveal our future nuggets, I'm happy to show you today a sewing that accompanies the launch of the new Studio Walkie Talkie collection: a skirt Kim sewn in their beautiful Happy denim effect fabric, in the irresistible candy pink color named Aquagym.

A skirt Kim acidulous

I chose to sew the buttoned front version of the pattern with this thick fabric. Indeed, the skirt Kim is also available in skirt wrap but the fabric having a lot of hold it was not appropriate. For the same reason, I chose the pocket with a band rather than the flap version. I also shortened a little my already cut skirt in the above the knee version, to really give it the look of the soooo 80's denim skirts. 

A Tribeca/Kim duo very Vanilla sky

The pattern of the fabric is reminiscent of clouds, like a soft pink spring sky. So I paired my new Kim with my white tencel Tribeca blouse. I opted on both clothes for our light gold jewel buttons (the small ones for Tribeca and the big ones for Kim), they bring a precious touch that reinforces even more the girly side of the outfit (especially for the skirt).

The scrolls created by Tribeca's cuts and bias answer the curves of the clouds of my skirt, and it's a vanilla-colored sky that takes shape thanks to the magic of the framing of our photographer Charlène Pélut, going for the bluish tones of the background.

By the way, the Happy fabric is also available in shades of blue, from raw blue to soft blue, to play on the whole denim range. I sewed Happy in black and snow (a grey gradient) this winter with the pattern of the pants Hussard and the result was great(find the Journal article here)! The new summer variation in blue and pastel pink gives the fabric a very appealing pop and vintage look. Studio Walkie Talkie explains that the "washed out" look that defines the fabric's patterns is not due to a chemical washing treatment: it is the weaving that gives it a color gradient. 

With my immaculate Tribeca and my sorbet colored skirt Kim , I'm looking forward to spring! How would you imagine sewing this fabric that has a real charm? I almost made a jacket out of it Pilar, but I kept a cool head, because my wardrobe already has a lot of little jackets with Fauve details ;) I would say that this fabric is perfect for mid-season jackets, jeans or cargo pants, a nice skirt so hihihi but also accessories(a Fauve bob would be just wow inside). Beware it is quite heavy (300g/m2) and without elasticity, it is not suitable for clothes that require fluid fabrics or with elastane.

Studio Walkie Talkie doesn't sell their fabrics directly, but I'll link you to their various retailers here, and find them on Instagram to see all the fabrics in the new collection.


Very fashionable patterns and a choice of fashionable fabrics give me a lot of ideas and a wardrobe that I didn't have before ! I thank you for the help you have given me for the last 2 years because I had left a little bit the clothes making. Today I am sewing just like you 🥰 and I love it!

Gohory Beatrice March 09, 2023

Beautiful article that highlights the patterns and fabrics in spring colors. Colorful bubble in a day with gray weather.

Roussel March 09, 2023

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