The Empire State Of Fauve fashion show: the video!

Social networks are magical in that they allow us not only to communicate and share our work but also to go further in the exchanges and interactions: post photos but also video, interact with messages, images. The presentation of the collections is a real highlight for us: preparing the shootings, selecting the visuals for the lookbook and choosing the images that will best embody the universe to post on social networks. I know that beyond Charlene's beautiful pictures, there is a meeting that you like : the fashion show in stories of the clothes of the collection.

Videos to present the models

The idea of this format is to show you in video the clothes worn, in order to tell you about the characteristics of each pattern, the variations because most of the models have several possible versions and to present you the chosen fabrics. I hope to give you a maximum of ideas for your sewing projects. 

A video of sewing pattern shows, for example, the movement of the wrap Soho dress and the lovely fall of the Brooklyn wide-leg pants. And I'll also suggest different alternatives thanks to the accessories (How do you wear your blazer jacket? Is the wrap dress as pretty in pumps as it is in sneakers?), for more couture inspiration.

Discover each pattern in detail for more sewing ideas

So throughout the video I will introduce you to :

  • The Soho modelThe Soho model, its characteristics, the alternatives buttoned dress or totally belted and what it brings to the garment. Also the blouse version of the garment because I think that the information on the variations around the sewing pattern have not been sufficiently highlighted (and it's a shame because it is really pretty hihihi).

  • Brooklyn Palazzo Pants The Brooklyn Palazzo Pants: their construction is full of pretty details, and they look crazy good. I tell you a little bit about these beautiful wide pants and how I was able to navigate the shoot between high boots and sneakers by playing with the length ;)

  • The Chelsea blouseThe Chelsea blouse, with all the details thought to make it the most Fauve little blouse of the season. And for those who worry that the Empire State Of Fauve collection is only for advanced seamstresses, think again: this pretty blouse pattern can, depending on its version, become an easy sewing project.

  • The Skyline shirtThe Skyline shirt, which also allows you to play with the materials and especially the versions! Between the timeless white shirt and the more colorful version with the back cut, it is a garment that will meet all your desires.

  • The Manhattan jacketI explain you the particularities, the cut and the proportions. I take the opportunity to tell you how I appropriate the "pantsuit" ;)

The novelty of the collection: the fabrics and buttons (and a surprise !!!!)

This video session will also showcase the season's new fabrics and buttons. Our range of prints is even more interesting to discover through the video as the geometric patterns bring depth to the movement of the dresses and blouses. In addition, each garment will also be presented in our plain fabrics, so the pleat work of the Skyline shirt or the darts and pretty line of the wrap dress and the Soho blouse will no longer hold any secrets for you. 

In movement, we can better consider the flexibility, the fall of the fabric, its opacity. Future sewing projects will be easier to consider. And to offer you a "real" collection, we are very happy to propose you the new range of buttons Maison Fauve. Made in France, especially in the colors of the collection, these are the elements that finalize and personalize your work!

Concerning the Jazz cotton jacquard of the pants and the jacket, the color presented on the videos is unfortunately sold out but I present you at the end of the video the new color which is currently being woven in Lyon... 

The videos are posted in stories and will remain in permanent stories on the IG profile of Maison Fauve. Thanks to the work of the team (thanks Manon and Marine!), you can also watch them in this article but don't hesitate to find us on Instagram and give me your feedback on the outfits, ideas for associations, etc.


See you soon!

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