A dress, a blouse, a shirt, the new Tribeca has arrived!

Hello !

The beautiful Tribeca blouse has been the object of incredible mix and match of materials and prints, of the most audacious interpretations, of magnificent creations. Really, this contest has been a joyful moment of sharing under the sign of sewing and creativity and I thank you for all your posts, your messages, your photos.

I wanted to offer you a pretty free pattern that you could make your own and interpret to your heart's content... Mission accomplished! The winners of the contest will be announced on our Instagram profile, but you can find all the sewists on our Pinterest board right now.

Go further with Tribeca!

This little blouse embellished with stripes that emphasize the curves is a nice playground, but I wanted to go further in the variations of the pattern, and I'm delighted to offer a sewing pattern that allows you to revisit the beautiful Tribeca thanks to its multi options.

In addition to a pretty blouse, the pattern also offers you to sew a blouse(yummm the pretty buttons), and a dress with a twirling babydoll cut and a light look, which may or may not be buttoned in front. I love this type of volume, dancing, loose and nicely shortened. 


These dresses are feminine and cheerful, and will work equally well in beautiful solids or printed fabrics. They offer a silhouette that gives pride of place to the legs, whether they are wearing ankle boots, sneakers or pumps.

The inspiration


The pattern of the Tribeca babydoll dress


Midnight Blue Lemon Viscose Poplin
Viscose Twill Shock Pink

The signature Maison Fauve

The other special feature of this new version of the pattern is the presence of bias stripes that highlight and add depth to Tribeca's worked cuts. You know how much I love the Art Deco aesthetic, which combines clean lines and sharp curves. That's what I had in mind when I created Tribeca: the modernist arches and swirls of Art Deco buildings, with vanishing lines that reshape volumes and play with perspective.

The inspiration

The details of the Tribeca pattern


The blouse thus decorated gains in elegance, the jewel buttons recall the golden metallic elements of the design pieces and the choice of a plain white tencel fabric plunges us into this mixture of purity and geometry dear to the Art Deco.

The Tribeca blouse pattern


The Tribeca sewing pattern enriched with all these variations is available in pocket format with gold details very sewn, and in PDF format (A0, A3, A4, US letter, with the option of layers). It is available in sizes 34 to 52 and a brand new sewing tutorial is available free of charge to accompany you at each step of the sewing process.

Tribeca definitely has a little "je ne sais quoi" that will never stop hanging on you... I can't wait to see you decline this nugget again!



A very beautiful dress tribeca, because I seek the same pattern for a long time. thank you to Maison FAUVE

Beatrice Gohory February 21, 2023

Is the original Tribeca pattern still available? I can't seem to download it.
Thank you for your answer and have a nice day.
Agnès Bruant.

Agnès BRUANT February 17, 2023

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